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Important Dates


Registration for the MOBL 2016 season is now open. Click here to begin.


Registration closes for 8U, 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U &14U age groups.  League fees due at this time.


Last day to submit petitions for divisional assignments.


Late/Final registration and payments due.  Petition determinations sent to coaches.


 Appeals for divisional assignments (if any).


Age group assignments and regional splits.


League scheduling meeting and baseball pickup.  Location and time TBD.

Past Dates

13 & 14 -U End of Season Tournament. Top 4 teams in each Divisional Split Age Group.
Mandatory Make League Make-up week for age groups 8, 9 & 10-U. Teams are not to schedule any games during this time frame. Any regular league games not made up prior to the end of season league will dictate date of make up.

Mandatory League Make-up week age groups 13 & 14. Teams are not to schedule any games during this time frame. Any regular league games not made up prior to the end of season league will dictate date of make up.

End of Season 13 & 14
Awards / Dayton Dragons Night for age Groups 8, 9, & 10-U
8, 9 & 10-U End of Season

11 & 12-U End of Season Tournament. Top 4 teams in each Divisional split age group.
Mandatory Make League Make-up week for age groups 11&12. Teams are not to schedule any games during this time frame. Any regular league games not made up prior to the end of season league will dictate date of make up.
End of Season 11 & 12
Opening Day
League Requirement's Due

League Scheduling Meeting / Baseball Pick-up 

Location: Dayton Marriott

1414 S Patterson Blvd

Dayton, OH  45409


8U & 9 U: 6-6:45 pm

10U &11 U: 7-7:45 pm

12U, 13U & 14U: 8-8:45 pm


2/20/15 Now Available

Age Group Assignment and Regional Splits

Last day To Submit Petitions for Divisional Assignments
Divisional / Regional Assignments

Registration now closed / League Fees Due


Registration Closes for 8,9,10,11,12,13 & 14 age Groups

League will start working on divisional and regional assignments. 


Registrations for the MOBL 2015 season are available here. 

13u and HS Year End Tournament Canceled for July 14th

 Coaches:  Tonights' 13u and High School year end Tournament games have been canceled due to rain and awful field conditions as a result.

The 13u Tournament is concluded as their is no way to postpone it and complete it next week and the fields are scheduled through the week for the 14u events.

High School coaches look for emails outlining the changes to your tournament.

From the President


Registrations for the MOBL 2016 season are available here. 

Miracle League Partnership

MOBL has partnered with the Miracle League to build a handicap accessible baseball field in Miami county. Click for more information: 


MCYBSA Fall Baseball

Games are on Sundays only. Tentative start date is August 23rd, and ends by October 31.
End of season single elimination tournament, with trophies for 1st and 2nd place.
All games will be played at Rice Field.
Individual and team registration is available.
Register online. 
Contact information; Greg Meeker  937-901-8502

13-14u Year-End Standings and Tournament

The season has ended for the 13-14u.  Here are the standings and tournament information:


13uD1 Winner Beavercreek Sox; 2nd Springfield Heat.  No Tournament as too many teams are unavailable.

13D2 and 13D3 Tourney July 14th at Action Sports Center

6:00 pm Field 3 13D2E Winner Knights Baseball v.13D2S Winner Centerville Elks Gold

6:00 pm Field 4 13D2N Winner Northridge Diamond Kings v. Wild Card Tipp City Storm

Winners on Field 3 to follow


6:00 pm Field 1 13D3N Winner Tipp City Flames v. 13D3 2nd Xenia Scouts

6:00 pm Field 2 13D3S Winner Xenia Select Bucs v. Ohio Tribe

Winners to follow on Field 4 to follow


14D1 Winner Miamisburg Bombers.  No tournament.


14D2 July 15 at Action Sports Center


6:00 Field 1 14D2N Troy Rampage v. 14D2S 2nd Xenia Scouts

6:00 Field 2 14 D2S Gem City Throwbacks v. 14D2N Troy Terror

Winners to follow on field 1


14D3 July 16 at Action Sports Center


6:00 Field 1 14D3N Winner Warhawks v. 14D3S Beavercreek Sox

6:00 Field 2 14 D3S Winner Miamisburg Post 165 v. 14D3N Ohio Tribe

Winners to follow on field 2

Midwest Ohio baseball coach goes head to head with George Foster


George Foster signs for Midwest Ohio team


Gem City Throwbacks 10U


Ohio Tribe 10u - Dayton Dragons Night


Fall Development Baseball Camp


Fall Development Baseball Camp


A five session fall baseball development camp for ages 8 through 12 years old.  The proper fundamentals associated with the game of baseball will be taught in practice and game situations.


5-7 pm on the following Sundays:

  • September 13, 20, 27
  • October 4, 11


Woerner Field at Time Warner Cable Stadium - University of Dayton


$95 per player


Tony Vittorio, Baseball Coach at The University of Dayton

Assistant Director:         

Joey Schulte, Director of Baseball Operations at The University of Dayton


Members of The University of Dayton Baseball Program


Contact Joey Schulte at 937-728-1120

Registration:   daytonflyercamps.com  


*All University of Dayton Camps and Clinics are open to any and all entrants – and are only limited by the number, age, grade level, or gender described.

Dayton Dragons Night

For those teams joining us tonight for our awards night at the Dayton Dragons:


I have all tickets pulled and have talked to and confirmed with everyone that is going. If you have NOT talked to me and were planning to go call me now 937-672-1260.  

  • You or a team representative will meet me in the plaza area between 5-5:45.
  • You will have correct amount owed in cash or one check. (I will not be able to make change)
  • Players are requested to be in uniforms (at least shirt and hats) maybe rain ponchos!
  • Gates open at 6pm
  • Go to Dragons Lair area and line up for team parade around field. Line starts at 6:15
  • Once parade is finished sit team in seats and keep them together.  We will medal those teams receiving medals.  Teams not receiving division awards may proceed to seat area.
  • Once teams and players have been medaled players are free to watch game and enjoy stadium.
  • If you have a team banner please bring it for the parade.
  • Throughout the night I will be passing out a great deal of gifts such as posters, signed balls, fan area tickets, bobble heads, t-shirts and countless other gifts and surprises. 

This is a fun and exciting night for the kids, coaches, parents and administration of the league.   


This will be a rain or shine event.  Rarely does a professional baseball game get canceled. I have been keeping my eye on the radar and it looks promising for the game after 4:30.  We will get it in and have a great time tonight with your help.  If you have any questions or need of additional tickets (I have a few Lawn) feel free to contact me.   

Dayton Dragons Night Procedures

Our upcoming Dayton Dragons night is Monday June 29th.  This is a part of our awards program for the league.  This year the league has decided to open it up to all teams in 8, 9 & 10-U age groups.

All 8, 9 & 10-U age group/divisional winners and runner ups receive up to 15 tickets from the league as part of your award for winning your division/regional split.  Seats for players and coaches will be in the Dragons Lair.  

All teams are encouraged to attend the night.

No matter how your season ended up additional tickets can be purchased for players, coaches’ families and fans at a cost of $10.00 per ticket for the lawn and a cost of $15.00 for seat.  All tickets include a hat.     

Parents, family and fans are encouraged to join us.  We have reserved multiple sections of the outfield and lawn tickets.

All games for age groups 8, 9, & 10 have until 12:00 p.m. June 25th to get games in.  Coaches that finish first or second in their division/regional split will be contacted Friday the 26th.  

Start working on ticket request now do not wait until last minute.

Coaches, this is a sold out game and all additional ticket requests are first come first serve.  There will be no availability of tickets through the Dayton Dragons/Box Office prior to game.  All tickets must be purchased through the MOBL.

Here is the procedure that we will follow to handle the tickets.

  1. Check with your team today and see how many player & coaches tickets you need. Place order ASAP. Remember only 1 & 2nd in each age group divisional split receive tickets paid for by the league. Team tickets each are $15.00 seat, $10 Lawn.  Tickets include a Dragons Hat.
  2. Check with your parents and families on additional tickets.  Seats are $15.00 and lawn tickets are $10.00. This includes a Dayton Dragons hat with each ticket.
  3. Collect your money. 
  4. Once order is placed avoid changing order.
  5. Email me at wade8276@yahoo.com with team name, age group, head coaches name and amount of tickets needed.
  6. I will call/email you to confirm order.
  7. Monday night the 29th between 5:00-6:00 pm head coach (or team rep)will bring exact amount of money in the form of ONE CHECK or cash.Checks made out to Midwest Ohio Baseball or MWOB (Cash is preferred). Location for pick up will be in front of the main box office/corporate offices in the plaza.
  8. Gates open at 6 and game starts at 7.
  9. Line up for on field parade in center field Dragons lair at 6:15.
  10. Awards for age group /divisional/regional 1st & 2nd place winners onlywill be passed out after parade.

If you are a league/divisional/regional winner 1st or 2nd place your team will receive their league medals that night.  Only 1st and 2nd place league/divisional will be medaled. This will be the only pass out of awards. If you and your team are unable to attend please contact league to make arrangements for pick up.

In addition to countless Dayton Dragons gifts such as posters, bobble heads, t-shirts and signed baseballs, three players will be chosen, one from each age group, to throw out the first pitch of the game.  Kids will also be chosen to participate in the on-field skits, behind the scenes private tour of the Dayton Dragons facility and the meet and greet with Dragons players.  All teams will participate in a parade on the Dragons Field prior to the start of the game. 

Coaches, I need your help to make this run smoothly.  Needless to say, with over 1,400 people attending the event this is a huge night and a great deal of enjoyment for the kids, families and the league. So please get your order in ASAP.  Any questions please feel free to email me at wade8276@yahoo.comor call a 937-672-1260.


Roster Rules

We have recently had two issues involving misinterpretations of the rule regarding the ability of a player to be rostered on more than one MWOBL team.

Here is the rule as it is currently written:

Players may be rostered on more than one team provided that they are not in the same age group. Players remain subject to days of rest due to pitch limits across both teams. Furthermore, it is the coaches' responsibility to verify any affiliation rules pertaining to players being on more than one roster.  

To clarify, you cannot be on a 13u D1 team and a 13u D2 team.  An age eligible player, could be on a 13u team and a 14u team's roster at the same time.

In the recent situations, teams have been penalized by forfeiting of games and the players have been suspended.  Neither case involved coaches, players or teams intentionally playing players illegally but involved misunderstanding the rule to mean divisions instead of age group.

These penalties are severe non-the-less and we hope will result in coaches paying closer attention in these cases.

In view of the difficulty some coaches and parents have shown in understanding this rule, we are in process of reviewing it and could very well eliminate the opportunity for players to play on multiple teams.  That will be under review over the off-season.

If you have a question about any rule, please come to us for clarification.

11-12u Season Extension

Due to the amount of rain and rain outs, and requests from coaches, the league is extending the end of season thru Saturday June 27 for the 11 and 12u teams.  Final standings will be pulled at 6 am Sunday so make sure you have reported any final games.

The Year End Tournament will be pushed back to June 30, July 1 with July 2 as a rain date. 

This should allow everyone to complete their schedule.  So, please get games rescheduled.  Follow the procedures in the rules if you cannot easily come to an agreement on a date.  IF, and only if those procedures do not work, forward to the League for review as these games will be put into the mandatory make up pile and we will get resolution.

8-10u Divisional Awards

The award for winning your divisional split in 8-10u is that the MWOBL pays for the 15 tickets for your team to attend Dayton Dragons night on June 29th.  Your team is presented with their divisional medals at the game and all MWOBL teams will parade around Fifth Third Field.  There are gifts and prizes throughout the night.  It is a cool event.

There are a limited number of tickets available for those teams who do not win their divisional splits and Wade will forward more info about those later.

We have had some requests to extend the season due to rain.  We cannot do so as it relates to determining the winners of the divisional splits; the game is June 29th and we need a few days to get the administrative aspects handled.

To clarify the season ending dates etc:

The official last day is June 21.  

June 22-25 is set aside for Mandatory make-ups.  A mandatory make-up is when one team has done all that it could to reschedule a game, and has not been able to do so because the other team is not cooperating.  In this event, contact the league and we will order a date and time between June 22-25 for the game to be played or a forfeit will be awarded.

IF you have agreement with a team to make up a game, and you do not have games in the mandatory make-up position, you may use June 22-25 to make up games.  Additionally, you may play games after the end of the season......they simply will not count for standings purposes.

However, the winners for purposes of the Dayton Dragons night will be determined based on games played and reported through June 25th.

Good luck on the final push of 2015.  Please respect everyone and get your games rescheduled.

A Few Items and Reminders

We are turning toward the home stretch of the season....a few items and reminders:

1.  We have recently suspended coaches for cussing umpires, not controlling their fans, and pulling their team off the field.  Head coaches are responsible for the actions of yourself, your coaches, your players and your fans. Maintain your temper and composure and others will follow your lead. Remember this is about kids learning the game, and learning how to conduct themselves and as coaches you have tremendous influence over these young people.  Take that responsibility seriously.

2.  We have recently suspended an umpire for two weeks, costing him more than $750, for unprofessional conduct.

3.  We have recently upheld the permanent ban on one umpire for conduct on the field which was conduct unbecoming.

4.  Check how you entered games into your schedule.  Only those games dictated to be played by the league are league games.  ALL OTHER games are either non-league or tournament games.  Please make sure you have it right or get it corrected.

5.  There are no forfeits without league approval. Email us if you have a situation you think warrants a forfeit.

6.  Year-end awards for 8-10 are the Dayton Dragons night.  Ages 11-14 earn a year-end tournament among the top four teams in each division.  Depending on if, and how many geographical splits are in the age group and division, determines who participates. For example, in 11uD1, the top four teams compete in the tourney because there are no divisional splits.  

In 11d 2 where there are 3 geographical splits, the winners of the 3 divisions plus a wildcard with the best overall records will compete.

In 11d3 where there are two geographical splits, the top two teams from each geographical split will compete.

Tiebreakers are outlined in the rules. These examples should serve to help everyone understand...

Dayton Dragons Baseball Camps at Fifth Third Field

There are two camps scheduled for this summer; one taking place on June 30th and July 1st and the second starting on July 21 and ending on July 22nd. All campers will receive instruction from current Dragons players and coaches on the fundamentals of hitting, base running, and fielding. Campers will also receive: 


                - 4 Lawn Tickets For a Dragons Game

                - Dragons Hat

                - Dragons Baseball Camp Dri-Fit Shirt

                - Player & Coach Autographs

                - Camp Certificate


The camps are open to both males and females between the ages of 7 and 14. Each camp day will start at 10:00am and end at 1:00pm with lunch being provided on the second day of each session. While the only must-have for the camp is a glove, campers can bring their bats as hitting will be a part of the instruction.


For more information, you can click here and look through the brochure on the Dragons team website.


There are only a limited amount of spots available for both camps (75) , so to ensure your camper gets a spot please sign up soon!


UD Flyers Meet & Greet

Congrats to the 9u Stealth! They took advantage of the University of Dayton's offer for free admission and a meet and greet with players and coaches. Go Flyers!

Fraudulent Raffle

We have recently become aware that someone is fraudulently selling raffle tickets for a  Harley using the name of Midwest Ohio Baseball.  This is NOT a league sponsored raffle.  We are working with law enforcement to apphrehend the responsible party.  If you have bought any of these tickets, or have any information please contact Wade Westfall via email at: wade8276@yahoo.com.


Thank you.


New Team Meeting Notes

 New team meeting notes for the 2015 season are available here.

Changes to League Rules

Coaches: There were some changes to the league rules which were discussed but apparently not properly uploaded to the rules section. These changes are being implemented immediately. Implementing them now will have no effect on those few games that have already been played and they are important to improve the play and administration of the league. Full details are on the website as the rules have been updated to reflect these changes.

Click HERE to see a summary of rule changes.

Answers to Common Questions about the League

Recently, Midwest Ohio Baseball performed an extensive telephone survey in order to get your feedback regarding the past season.  We thank the coaches for the very positive responses.  Over the past 10 years, both amateur baseball and Midwest Ohio Baseball League have made significant changes.  Click HERE to see the answers to common questions about the league. 

Coach & Player Banned for Life

 Coaches, parents and players:

We recently received information concerning the potential that a coach in the Midwest Ohio Baseball League had fraudulently altered a birth certificate.  Following our own investigation, we have confirmed that this violation occurred and impacted both the 2013 and 2014 seasons.   As a result, the following actions have been taken regarding the coach, the player involved, the team and the organization:

The Coach of the 2013 (13u)-2014(14u) Miami Valley Heat team, Mark Eldridge altered the birth certificate of his son Logan. 

Mark Eldridge is hereby Banned for Life from coaching, managing, administering or any other non-parent involvement with ANY team in the Midwest Ohio Baseball League. 

Logan Eldridge is hereby Banned for Life from playing in the Midwest Ohio Baseball League.

All wins and championships, both league and tournament, are hereby stripped from the 2013 and 2014 Miami Valley Heat teams.  The records of the Midwest Ohio League will note the reason for vacating these wins and championships.

The Miami Valley Heat organization has cooperated fully with our investigation.  They have agreed to, and are already implementing, the following sanctions:

1.  The Miami Valley Heat will fully support and enforce the Lifetime Bans for both Mark Eldridge and Logan Eldridge.
2.  This team will be disbanded.
3.  All 2015 Miami Valley Heat players will be required to submit original, certified birth certificates.
4.  The Miami Valley Heat will be contacting each and every National affiliation and each tournament venue from these seasons, and vacating all wins and any championships.
5.  On their website, and in any and all promotion of their organization, including but not limited to any and all tryout postings, the Miami Valley Heat will cease to use this team in any way.  Additionally, any historic records of this team must include a notation that all wins and any championships were vacated due to the unethical use of an illegal player.
6.  The Miami Valley Heat will return any team trophies and awards received from the league for this team during 2013 and 2014.

The Midwest Ohio Baseball League considers the altering of birth certificates the "betting on baseball" of youth sports.  There has been, and will be no tolerance for such activity.


Gregg Beemer, Vice President Operations
Wade Westfall, President

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