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Important Dates

League Requirement's Due
Opening Day
End of Season 11 & 12
Mandatory Make League Make-up week for age groups 11&12. Teams are not to schedule any games during this time frame. Any regular league games not made up prior to the end of season league will dictate date of make up.
11 & 12-U End of Season Tournament. Top 4 teams in each Divisional split age group.
8, 9 & 10-U End of Season
Mandatory Make League Make-up week for age groups 8, 9 & 10-U. Teams are not to schedule any games during this time frame. Any regular league games not made up prior to the end of season league will dictate date of make up.
Awards / Dayton Dragons Night for age Groups 8, 9, & 10-U
End of Season 13 & 14
Mandatory Make League Make-up week age groups 13 & 14. Teams are not to schedule any games during this time frame. Any regular league games not made up prior to the end of season league will dictate date of make up.
13 & 14 -U End of Season Tournament. Top 4 teams in each Divisional Split Age Group.

Past Dates


League Scheduling Meeting / Baseball Pick-up 

Location: Dayton Marriott

1414 S Patterson Blvd

Dayton, OH  45409


8U & 9 U: 6-6:45 pm

10U &11 U: 7-7:45 pm

12U, 13U & 14U: 8-8:45 pm


2/20/15 Now Available

Age Group Assignment and Regional Splits

Last day To Submit Petitions for Divisional Assignments
Divisional / Regional Assignments

Registration now closed / League Fees Due


Registration Closes for 8,9,10,11,12,13 & 14 age Groups

League will start working on divisional and regional assignments. 


Registrations for the MOBL 2015 season are available here. 

From the President

UD Flyers Meet & Greet

Congrats to the 9u Stealth! They took advantage of the University of Dayton's offer for free admission and a meet and greet with players and coaches. Go Flyers!

Umpire Availability

Some of you have requested more details on the current umpiring situation (which will resolve itself very soon as high school and junior high season are completed over the next week).

Here is the situation and the background on it:

  1. 3 years ago the OHHSAA ramped up Junior High Baseball resulting in additional games in the spring with short time frames to complete a season.
  2. Jim Heatherly's group has had some injuries and illnesses.
  3. Many high school teams have played 20 or fewer games but are suppose to have 27 played by Saturday.  High Schools, varsity, JV, and Freshman along with Junior high are suppose to get their games in this week or the first of next.  The MWOBL has two months.
  4. There is a significant shortage of umpires everywhere.

The following steps have been taken over the last few weeks to help the situation:

  1. An exemption was secured with the OHHSAA to do weekday doubleheaders and have 5 inning games scheduled to help completed schedule.
  2. Jim's group worked with their 18 rec programs to completely cancel this week's games so those umpires could handle high school, Junior High and Midwest Ohio games.
  3. Many JV, Freshman and Junior High games are being done by 1 official, something that is very unusual but necessary.  Some MWOBL games have also used one rather than two or some coach pitch games have been done by the coaches.  Yesterday, for the first time in our 8 year affiliation with Jim and Bob, there were 5 games that could not be covered.

The high school JV, Freshman and junior high are wrapping up and the umpire work force will be free very soon.

Thank you, in advance, for your patience during this tough time.  

Rain and Rescheduling Games


We need your help on this issue.  Please read carefully.

As we all know, the early spring has been very wet pushing high school, junior high and Midwest Ohio games to be cancelled. 

Professionalizing the umpiring staffs in 2005 was one of the best things we did for the league.  The only downside to using professional, Ohio High School certified umpires, is that their busy season is from April 1 through Mid-May, the early part of the Midwest Ohio season.  In a normal year, there are not many problems covering all the high school, junior high and Midwest Ohio games.  But when we have a particularly wet spring LIKE NOW, we run into some problems with coverage.  There is a shortage of umpires throughout the state of Ohio and others.  They are already moving to single umpires for some non-varsity games and considering playing high school games on Sunday to handle the shortage.

So, when you are rescheduling games, please reschedule for after May 15th.  This is typically when the JV, Freshman and Junior high programs finish and the umpires are more readily available.  Reschedule them now, don't wait, but put them on the calendar for after May 15 please.

This will help ease the shortage and assure you of the best umpiring possible.

Thank you.

Dayton Flyers Invitation

Dayton Flyers Baseball and the MOBL would like to invite your team out to a game at Woerner Field at Time Warner Cable Stadium.

All games are FREE admission and are located next to UD Arena right off of Interstate 75.

There are 8 weekend games remaining in the Flyers season, feel free to bring your team out to any of those games. If you'd like to set up something special, you can get in touch with Tim Doyle from the UD Athletic Dept. at tdoyle1@udayton.edu

Administration requirements

Coaches should be working on administrative duties such as concussion certification for all coaching staff, uploading of birth certificates, team roster, player/parent contracts.  No game can be played until all league administrative requirements are completed. 

2015 Contracts

Coach and Player contracts are required to play, and can be completed online through the MOBL website. If you’re having trouble, please look through this list for help:

Password doesn’t work when I try to log in

Make sure you haven’t added a space before the password, and remember that passwords are case sensitive.

Player or Coach doesn’t receive the contract email

Check your spam/junk folder. Email addresses ending in yahoo.com, sbcglobal.net and aol.com have known compatibility issues. Try using a different email, or simply tell the player their personal password, found on the player contract page.  

I have the password, where do I enter it to complete my contract?

Follow the link found in the contract email or use these:

For coaches:


For players:


Still having trouble? Contact the league here.


League Scheduling/Baseball Pick-Up Meeting

Monday 23, 2015 the league will be holding its league scheduling night. Age group times and location are posted under Important Dates on the left side of the web page. Come prepared with schedule of dates/home field availability. Refreshments will be served.  

This will also be the only opportunity to pick up your baseball order. 

Do not contact the umpire scheduler at this time. They will contact you with procedures. 

Geographical Splits


Geographical splits and number of league games are available at this time on the website. To get further information for your team's age group,click the associated link: 

8u 9u 10u 12u 13u 14u

Registration for 2015 closed

Registration for the upcoming 2015 season has closed. Any team that has failed to register needs to contact the league at this time.  Slotting for divisional assignment will be out on February 1, this will be a preliminary assignment and not final and will not include any coaches contact info. Coaches can not try to schedule from this list. February 1-8 the league will hear and rule on any petition request to be moved.  Between February 9-15 league will finalize regional, divisional, number of league games and will be sent out and posted on website. At this time teams will start scheduling league games. League scheduling meeting will be February 23 at the Dayton Marriott.  Baseballs orders will be picked up at this time.   

League Fees / Orders Due

Coaches, this is a reminder that league fees and order purchases such as insurance, baseballs, umpire scheduler and One Call Now are now due. We are unable to slot teams and start working on divisional splits until teams fees are paid. You are able to pay by mail or pay on line with a credit card. Items such as baseballs, One Call, Insurance are not purchased until all fees are paid.

Yahoo Email Issues

Due to changing policies at Yahoo, any email address ending in Yahoo.com or Sbcglobal.net will not receive official MOBL emails, including coach and player contracts. If you are a coach using a Yahoo email address, simply log in and click “Edit My Information” to choose a different email. Player emails can be edited by clicking “Team Roster”.  If and when Yahoo corrects this issue, we will let everyone know.

Fraudulent Raffle

We have recently become aware that someone is fraudulently selling raffle tickets for a  Harley using the name of Midwest Ohio Baseball.  This is NOT a league sponsored raffle.  We are working with law enforcement to apphrehend the responsible party.  If you have bought any of these tickets, or have any information please contact Wade Westfall via email at: wade8276@yahoo.com.


Thank you.


New Team Meeting Notes

 New team meeting notes for the 2015 season are available here.

Changes to League Rules

Coaches: There were some changes to the league rules which were discussed but apparently not properly uploaded to the rules section. These changes are being implemented immediately. Implementing them now will have no effect on those few games that have already been played and they are important to improve the play and administration of the league. Full details are on the website as the rules have been updated to reflect these changes.

Click HERE to see a summary of rule changes.

Information on what you need to do for the 2015 requirements


We have been receiving some questions so I am addressing them in this email to clear up what the new requirements are and  what is needed from you.

1. Coach Contracts: Each coach is required to have an electronic contract on our system agreeing to the MOBL rules for coaching in the league. This system works exactly like Player contracts do. Automatically send an email out to your assistant coaches (entered in the manage assistant coaches section) with the coach contract tools provided. This will send the information required for your assistant coaches to fill out their contract and send them a link for Ohio Concussion Training.

2. Ohio Concussion Certification: This toolset works just like the Player Birth Certificate Uploads. You are able to upload a certificate for each of the coaches associated with your team or they are able to upload it themselves when they fill out their coaching contract. If they do not have their certificate when they fill out the coaching contract the can return later to the link in the email sent them byt the system and then upload their certificate with the file uploader tool at the bottom of their contract. Like I stated before, as a Head Coach you are able to upload the certs for them as well. Click on the Concussion link in the requirements section to the left.

3. Background Checks: To be compliant for background checks all you need to do is have your information and your assistant coaches information entered. Name, birthdate, email, phone numbers, address, etc... The league will submit the information once it is all received. If there is any problem you will contacted privately. The middle initial and the birthdate fields are new, so be sure you fill those out if you already haven not.

Have a safe and fun season,

the MOBL

Procedure the league will use on upcoming divisional assignments

Each team in the league has their own goals and objectives.  We attempt to find a balance for our league schedules, whenever possible, to match and meet the needs of as many teams as possible.  We are hopeful that this years scheduling will meet the needs of nearly all teams.

In order to make certain that the contact information stays up to date, we DO NOT provide a contact list.  Everything is driven to the website to help simplify every ones life.  As a logged in user, you will have access to all the contact information for the teams in your age group.

Remember, all contact information is expected to be kept confidential and is not to be shared with anyone. Failure to do so may lead to league sanctions, penalties and possible termination from the league.  

All of the games indicated by league are League Games and should be marked as League Games on your schedule in order to properly appear in the league standings. 
You may play as many other games with league teams as you wish.  Those games, along with any games with outside teams, are Non League Games.

Some of your divisions may include geographical splits. Do not take take geographical literally, for it is only meant to be a separation tool and not a indicator of where you are located.

Remember the scheduling meeting is next Monday February 24 and we encourage you to attend and complete this process in one night.  However, you are free to schedule prior if you wish.

We look forward to seeing you all Monday at our scheduling meeting and let's hope for a break in the weather to play ball.

Wade Westfall & Gregg Beemer



Answers to Common Questions about the League

Recently, Midwest Ohio Baseball performed an extensive telephone survey in order to get your feedback regarding the past season.  We thank the coaches for the very positive responses.  Over the past 10 years, both amateur baseball and Midwest Ohio Baseball League have made significant changes.  Click HERE to see the answers to common questions about the league. 

Coach & Player Banned for Life

 Coaches, parents and players:

We recently received information concerning the potential that a coach in the Midwest Ohio Baseball League had fraudulently altered a birth certificate.  Following our own investigation, we have confirmed that this violation occurred and impacted both the 2013 and 2014 seasons.   As a result, the following actions have been taken regarding the coach, the player involved, the team and the organization:

The Coach of the 2013 (13u)-2014(14u) Miami Valley Heat team, Mark Eldridge altered the birth certificate of his son Logan. 

Mark Eldridge is hereby Banned for Life from coaching, managing, administering or any other non-parent involvement with ANY team in the Midwest Ohio Baseball League. 

Logan Eldridge is hereby Banned for Life from playing in the Midwest Ohio Baseball League.

All wins and championships, both league and tournament, are hereby stripped from the 2013 and 2014 Miami Valley Heat teams.  The records of the Midwest Ohio League will note the reason for vacating these wins and championships.

The Miami Valley Heat organization has cooperated fully with our investigation.  They have agreed to, and are already implementing, the following sanctions:

1.  The Miami Valley Heat will fully support and enforce the Lifetime Bans for both Mark Eldridge and Logan Eldridge.
2.  This team will be disbanded.
3.  All 2015 Miami Valley Heat players will be required to submit original, certified birth certificates.
4.  The Miami Valley Heat will be contacting each and every National affiliation and each tournament venue from these seasons, and vacating all wins and any championships.
5.  On their website, and in any and all promotion of their organization, including but not limited to any and all tryout postings, the Miami Valley Heat will cease to use this team in any way.  Additionally, any historic records of this team must include a notation that all wins and any championships were vacated due to the unethical use of an illegal player.
6.  The Miami Valley Heat will return any team trophies and awards received from the league for this team during 2013 and 2014.

The Midwest Ohio Baseball League considers the altering of birth certificates the "betting on baseball" of youth sports.  There has been, and will be no tolerance for such activity.


Gregg Beemer, Vice President Operations
Wade Westfall, President

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