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League Tryouts for the 2017 Baseball Season


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Middletown Baseball 12U

Tryout Date: 12/18/2016
Tryout Location: Smith Park
Address1: Tytus Ave And Verity Pkwy
City: Middletown State: OH ZIP: 45042
Contact Name: Chris Urso  Contact Phone: 513-435-1442  
Contact Email: Ursocj@hotmail.com


 Middletown Baseball Private Tryout
Middletown Baseball 12U is currently looking for local player(s) for the 2017 season. The team is coached by prior college baseball players and are committed to teaching players fundamentals of baseball in a fun and team-orientated environment. We are looking for players who are teachable, hard working, and enjoy playing baseball. Specifically, players with pitching, or catching experience are desirable. Players who will be 11 or 12 during the next season are welcome to contact head coach for private workout. Please call head coach, Chris Urso, with any questions and to register at 513-435-1442.

Tipp City Blaze

Tryout Date: 12/31/2016
Tryout Location: Kyle Park Tipp City
Address1: 1230 Everest Ct
Address2: 1230 Everest Ct
City: Troy State: OH ZIP: 45373
Contact Name: Clifford W Turner  Contact Phone: 9373617428  
Contact Email: cbrd07@gmail.com


 Tipp City Blaze 11u
Tipp City Blaze 11u for 2017 season is looking for 1 more player to round out our team. We are looking for talented and hardworking kids. We will continue to teach the fundamentals of the game but at a higher level. We look to develop the kids into better baseball players and teach them the respect for the game and others. If interested please call Cliff Turner @ 937-361-7428


Xenia Scouts

Tryout Date: 10/01/2016
Tryout Location: Location TBD
City:  State:  ZIP:
Contact Name: Mario Basora  Contact Phone: 513-479-7133  
Contact Email: basora93@gmail.com


 Xenia Scouts 8U
The Xenia Scouts 8U team are now holding private tryouts looking for two skilled players to round out the roster for the 2017 season. Come play at some of the best baseball facilities in the Dayton region! We will play roughly 25 games next year, which includes two local tournaments. Fundraising requirements are minimal. Official workouts will begin in January. Please call Coach Mario at 513-479-7133 to schedule a tryout.

Brick City Blast

Tryout Date: 11/26/2016
Tryout Location: Rip Rap Field 1
City: Huber Heights State: OH ZIP: 45424
Contact Name: Kyle Reeser  Contact Phone: 937-344-5953  
Contact Email: kylereeser@yahoo.com


 2017 8u Try Out Info
Brick City Blast will be holding private tryouts this fall. We are looking for 3-4 more dedicated families and players. we are committed to teach our players the fundamentals of the game of baseball as well as a deep respect for the game we all love. The aim of the organization is to develop our players into the best player, teammate and citizen they can be. if interested please contact Kyle Reeser 937-344-5953 for a private try out.


Gem City Bombers

Tryout Date: 10/31/2016
Tryout Location:
City: Wright Patt State: OH ZIP: 45324
Contact Name: Blake Easterling  Contact Phone: 937-204-4140  
Contact Email: gemcitybombers@outlook.com


 Gem City Bombers 9U Tryouts
The Gem City Bombers are looking for 1-2 players for the 9U team for 2017 season, We are looking for players who want to compete at a high level. Tryouts will continue on as an as needed basis until our roster has been filled. We are a new organization who’s coaches have come together to build around the players, our coaches have competed at different age groups throughout the Midwest league. Our program will work on every aspect of baseball from physical conditioning, hitting, pitching & fielding. Our program offers licensed instructors to make sure these children are getting the very best opportunities to become elite baseball players & great young men. We plan on rostering 11-12 players & as a first year team will play in D-2 or D-3 for 2017 in plans to advance every year to reach D1.

Ohio Hurricanes

Tryout Date: 11/30/2016
Tryout Location: Private Tryouts
City:  State:  ZIP:
Contact Name: GJ Tengesdahl  Contact Phone: 9373691969  
Contact Email: gj@daytonir.com


 Hurricanes 9U
The Hurricane program is entering it’s third year and is already proving to be one of the top programs in the Dayton area. We are currently looking to add 1-2 more kids for our 9u team through private tryouts. We are a kid friendly organization that puts the best interest of the players above all else. We have indoor and outdoor facilities lined up for fall and winter training. We will be playing a Midwest Ohio Baseball league schedule along with 4-6 Tournaments.


Star City Lightning

Tryout Date: 10/02/2016
Tryout Location:
City: Miamisburg State: OH ZIP: 45342
Contact Name: Dustin Stubblefield  Contact Phone: 513-254-4003  
Contact Email: dustin10ulightning@gmail.com


 Star City Lightning PRIVATE Tryouts
STAR CITY LIGHTNING 10U PRIVATE TRYOUTS: 10u Lightning is in search of 2-3 highly skilled players to complete our 2017 spring/summer roster. We will begin indoor training in December followed by 20-25 regular season games and 2-3 local tournaments. Please contact Dustin Stubblefield @513-254-4003 to schedule a private tryout. Players cannot turn 11 prior to May 1, 2017.

Troy Christian

Tryout Date: 12/20/2016
Tryout Location: Private Tryout - Troy Christian Fields
Address1: 755 Eldean Road
City: Troy State: OH ZIP: 45373
Contact Name: Marvin Major  Contact Phone: 859-312-7328  
Contact Email: mm273c@att.net


 Troy Christian Eagles - Private Tryout - Please Email Or Call To Schedule.
Private Tryout: Please Call, or eMail for Tryout. Troy Christian Eagles is hosting private tryouts for the next season 10U Select team. We are looking for all positions for this team. We encourage kids that are coachable, competitive, athletic, love baseball, & want to win to come out. We encourage multiple sports athletes to try out. We are going to focus on the fundamentals of the game by position. We will start indoor training for the upcoming season this winter. We will focus on skill building with an emphasis on fielding, throwing, hitting, & pitching. Private tryouts will be scheduled as available. Please call or email to schedule a private try-out. Players must be 10 years or younger on April 30th of the current season; players cannot turn 11 Prior to May 1st.

Dayton Classics 10U

Tryout Date: 01/01/2017
Tryout Location: Private Tryout
City:  State:  ZIP:
Contact Name: Terry Ables  Contact Phone: (937) 203-6391  
Contact Email: Ablesw@mcohiosheriff.org


 Dayton Classics 10U (Division 1)
The 2017 Dayton Classics 10U (Division 1) team is looking to add 1 more player to our strong returning roster. We will play 20-25 league games in Division 1 in the Midwest Ohio Baseball League and a minimum of 4 tournaments; including 2 out of state. Our winter workouts will begin in January and will be held at our premier indoor facility, MVP. The private tryout will be conducted by the coaching staff for those interested. Please contact Terry Ables for additional information or any questions. Thank you.

Akadema Arrows

Tryout Date: 03/31/2017
Tryout Location: Call For***PRIVATE WORKOUT***
Address1: Email For PRIVATE WORKOUT
City:  State:  ZIP:
Contact Name: Jason Reiff  Contact Phone: 5132566832  
Contact Email: AkademaArrows@gmail.com


 2017 10U Akadema Arrows Looking For 1-2 Players Call For PRIVATE WORKOUT
The 2016 D3 SW champion Akadema Arrows are looking to add 1-2 players to fill there 2017 roster. The Arrows will play between 20-30 games and 3-4 tournaments in 2017. If interested please give me a call to schedule a private workout.


Tryout Date: 03/31/2017
Tryout Location: State Farm Park
Address1: Call To Schedule Tryout
Address2: Email/text To Schedule Tryout
City: Kettering State: OH ZIP: 45420
Contact Name: Ken Paxson  Contact Phone: 9372128961  
Contact Email: ken.paxson@gmail.com


 10U Tryouts For Dayton Classics
The Dayton Classics new 10U team is looking for 3 to 4 players for the 2017 season. We are a team of mostly first-year select players that will focus heavily on player development and train during the winter at the Dayton Classics indoor facility in West Carrollton, Ohio. Our home field is State Farm Park in Kettering. We will compete at the D3 level and play 20 to 30 games in 2017, as well as 2 to 3 tournaments. To be eligible for our team, your son cannot turn 11 prior to May 1, 2017. If you are interested in learning more and/or want to schedule a tryout, please contact coach Ken Paxson by text, email or call at 937-212-8961 or ken.paxson@gmail.com.


Dayton Dodgers

Tryout Date: 10/29/2016
Tryout Location: Call Or Email To Set Up A Private Tryout
Address1: 4532 Marshall Rd
City: Kettering State: OH ZIP: 45429
Contact Name: Jason Barnes  Contact Phone: 334-477-7142  
Contact Email: jasonkbarnes@gmail.com


 Dayton Dodgers 11U 10/29/2016
The 11U Dayton Dodgers are looking for 2-3 fundamentally sound, coachable players that have experience playing multiple positions and love playing baseball. We’re looking for families that would like to become part of our close knit baseball family, not just a one year team. As the 9U Dayton Cream we finished 1st in our Division 3 conference in 2015. This year as the 10U Dayton Dodgers we took 1st place in our Division 2 conference. Next year we are moving to Division 1 and would like to find right combination of players to add to our strong core of returning players. We will practice through the Fall and Winter at our indoor facility in order to put the best team possible on the field next season. Please call 334-477-7142 or email jasonkbarnes@gmail.com to set up a private tryout.

Dayton Classics-Ellis

Tryout Date: 10/30/2016
Tryout Location: State Farm Park
Address1: Blackhawk Lane
City: Kettering State: OH ZIP:
Contact Name: Bryan Ellis, 11u Head Coach  Contact Phone: 937-245-1990  
Contact Email: ellis.bryan@oakwoodschools.org


 Dayton Classics 11u Division III Team Looking For 1-2 Players
The Dayton Classics 11u Division III team is looking for 1-2 players to fill out our already outstanding roster. We are looking for the positions of catcher, pitcher, third base, and shortstop, but we welcome any players that have skills and want to be part of the Dayton Classics organization for 2017. We are currently holding tryouts this Friday September 2nd at 6:30 pm at State Farm Park in Kettering, Ohio for any player interested in joining our team. Please contact head coach, Bryan Ellis, at 937-245-1990 or at ellis.bryan@oakwoodschools.org if you have any questions or want to schedule a private tryout.

Springboro Panthers

Tryout Date: 10/31/2016
Tryout Location: Call Or Email For PRIVATE TRYOUT
Address1: Springboro Community Park
Address2: 666 West Market Street
City: Springboro State: OH ZIP: 45066
Contact Name: Bryan Mahoney  Contact Phone: 937-620-7782  
Contact Email: bmahoney@ffalaw.com


 Springboro Panthers 11U - Seeking 1 Player
The 11U Panthers are seeking 1 player to add to their already strong 2017 roster. We are looking to add an experienced select baseball player. Previous pitching experience is preferred. The Panthers organization is led by an experienced coaching staff dedicated to developing and preparing players for high school competition. This team will start professional training in January, will play 40-45 games and will compete in top regional tournaments and 1 out of state tournament. In 2017, the Panthers organization will have teams competing at the 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12U levels. Call or email to set up a PRIVATE TRYOUT. 937-620-7782/bmahoney@ffalaw.com.

Twin Creek Mudcats

Tryout Date: 10/31/2016
Tryout Location: Farmersville/Jackson Township Park Field 2
City: Farmersville State: OH ZIP: 45325
Contact Name: Jason Michael  Contact Phone: 937-603-8699  
Contact Email: jjmichael@frontier.com


 *Private Tryout* Twin Creek Mudcats 11U
Private Tryouts for 2017 Twin Creek Mudcats 11U. The Twin Creek Mudcats are looking for 1-2 more players to complete an already outstanding team. We are looking for a player that is hard working, gives great effort, and loves to play the game of baseball. Pitching experience is a plus. We will play 25-30 games in MWOB D3 and 3-4 tournaments in 2017. We offer low player fees and experienced coaching. If you are interested in scheduling a private tryout, please contact TJ Johnson @ 937-241-3561 or Jason Michael at 937-603-8699 or jjmichael@frontier.com.

Brick City Blast Elite

Tryout Date: 12/31/2016
Tryout Location: Please Call To Schedule Private Tryout
City: Huber Heights State: OH ZIP: 45424
Contact Name: Rich Ganion  Contact Phone: 937-430-7244  
Contact Email: richandamyg@yahoo.com


 Brick City Blast Elite 11u
Brick City Blast Elite 11u is looking for an Elite player to add to team for the 2017 season or play with us in tournaments. We will be playing Division 1again in Midwest Ohio Baseball League. We will be playing in 6-8 Elite Tournaments in Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus, and other locations. Players interested can not turn 12 before May 1, 2017. If interested please call Coach Rich 937-430-7244 or email richandamyg@yahoo.com to schedule a private tryouts


Nashville Nationals

Tryout Date: 12/30/2016
Tryout Location: Nashville Park
Address1: 4965 W. State Route 571
City: West Milton State: OH ZIP: 45383
Contact Name: Nate Morter  Contact Phone: 937-573-6185  
Contact Email: Natemorter@gmail.com


 Nashville Nationals
The Nashville Nationals are looking for a catcher/pitcher to complete our roster for the 2017 season. We will play 20-30 games and 3-4 tournaments. We will start indoor training in January. Our home field is located at Nashville Park 4965 West State Route 571 West Milton Ohio 45383. Call,Text or email Nate Morter to schedule a Private tryout.

Beavercreek Sox

Tryout Date: 12/30/2016
Tryout Location: 2260 Dayton Xenia Road
Address1: Rotary Park
Address2: Field #9
City: Beavercreek State: OH ZIP: 45434
Contact Name: Dave Mackey  Contact Phone: 937-475-1838  
Contact Email: dmackey1@woh.rr.com


 Beavercreek Sox 12U Tryout (2017 Season)
The Beavercreek Sox 12U team is rounding out its roster for the 2017 baseball season. Our coaching philosophy strikes a healthy balance of developing baseball fundamentals in a competitive environment while focusing on keeping the game enjoyable and fun! This team will play 25 games plus 2-3 local area tournaments and play in the D2 Division of the MWOBL. This is a great opportunity to be part of a new team with experienced coaching! Please contact Dave Mackey at 937-475-1838 or by email at dmackey1@woh.rr.com if interested in a private tryout. Thanks!

Springfield Steal

Tryout Date: 12/30/2016
Tryout Location: Snider Valley Rec Complex
Address1: 1801 Snider Rd
City: New Carlisle State: OH ZIP:
Contact Name: Jerry Montico  Contact Phone: 937-536-9130  
Contact Email: jmontico4773@gmail.com


 2017 Open Tryouts For 12U Springfield Steal
Springfield Steal 12U is holding open tryouts for all positions. We are looking to add 3-4 players. We will have a 30-40 game schedule with 4-5 tournaments planned for next season. Coaching will focus on preparation for high school level baseball. Experienced and well educated coaches are part of the organization. Hope to see many players come out. Please call or email to set up a private try out


Tri-City Thunder Red

Tryout Date: 09/30/2016
Tryout Location: **Call, Text Or Email For Private Tryout**
City:  State:  ZIP:
Contact Name: Rick Saltsman  Contact Phone: cell 937-266-4788  
Contact Email: ricksaltsman@woh.rr.com


 Tri-City Thunder Red Tryouts For 2017 Season
Tri-City Thunder Red is looking for 1-2 players to fill out our roster for next season. We play home games @NABL in Union. Our coaches have high school and D1 college experience and stress fundamentals with an emphasis on having fun. Do not confuse having fun with not wanting to win. We also want to win, but who wants waste countless hours and spend hundreds of dollars just to make it feel like you are going to work? Our team is all about the kids and the game of baseball. Every kid will play more than one position to make them a more rounded player. We start indoor practices in Dec/Jan. If your son has some skills and wants to improve his game while still having fun, please call, text or email Rick Saltsman to arrange a private tryout. 937-266-4788 ricksaltsman@woh.rr.com

Brick City Blast

Tryout Date: 10/08/2016
Tryout Location: Rip Rap Fields
City:  State:  ZIP:
Contact Name: Ted Dingess  Contact Phone: 937-545-9055  
Contact Email: tdingess@ameritech.net


 Brick City Blast 13U
*Personal Tryout* We are returning a strong core of players and are looking to add 2 more players. Previous pitching experience is preferred but not required. You must be coachable, willing to hustle & eager to learn the game of baseball to play at a competitive level. Call or email Coach Ted @ tdingess@ameritech.net or 937-545-9055 for a personal tryout

Dayton Classics

Tryout Date: 12/31/2016
Tryout Location: MVP
Address1: 165 S Alex Rd
City: Dayton State: OH ZIP:
Contact Name: Eric Gearhart  Contact Phone: 937-790-0699  
Contact Email: egearhart525@gmail.com


 ****13 U TRYOUT For 2017 Private Workout****
The Dayton Classics organization has more than 250 players play collegiate baseball, and several players have gone on to play professionally. We are looking for competitive young men who are looking to learn, work hard, take coaching, and excel at the game. The team is interested in well-rounded ball players at all positions, and particularly interested in players with strong pitching skills. Great emphasis will be placed on pitching, defense, hitting, fundamental skills of the game, as well as the development of young men. Please check out our indoor facility and history of this organization http://www.daytonclassics.com/. Please contact Eric Gearhart for a private workout. Contact Eric at egearhart525@gmail.com or 937-790-0699. Private workouts will be by request.

C&S Lumberjacks

Tryout Date: 12/31/2016
Tryout Location: Ryman Field
Address1: 3975 Shrine Road
City: Springfield State: OH ZIP: 45502
Contact Name:   Contact Phone: 937-244-8142  
Contact Email: lturner@springfieldohio.gov


 C & S Lumberjacks 13U
We are looking for 1 more player to round out our Lumberjacks team! We had success in Division 2 and giving consideration to moving up to Division 1 for the 2017 season. Specifically looking for a player that is able to pitch & is an all-around athlete. In addition to our regular league games, we will be playing in approximately 4 tournaments throughout the season. Please contact Coach Lou Turner for a private tryout!



Tryout Date: 02/01/2017
Tryout Location: Private Tryouts Only
City: Eaton State: OH ZIP:
Contact Name: Adam Huff  Contact Phone: 5132670170  
Contact Email: huffac2@yahoo.com


 2017 13U & 14u Season
We are looking at add 3-4 players to our roster from this year, Pitching experience a plus. We will be playing in EATON, OH... We are looking for players that want to learn and are coachable. We will play the normal season and 4-5 Tournaments. 1 out of town. Call for more details. All of our tryouts from now on will be private!


Dayton Thunderbirds

Tryout Date: 10/31/2016
Tryout Location: Dayton Christian High School
Address1: 9391 Washington Church Road
City: Miamisburg State: OH ZIP: 45342
Contact Name: Tim Bower  Contact Phone: 9373136078  
Contact Email: tim.bower@cardinalhealth.com


 Dayton Thunderbirds 15U
The Dayton Thunderbirds are continuing their partnership with the University of Dayton Baseball program and plan on conducting fall and winter workouts with the UD baseball team. We will play 40-50 games next year, including several tournaments - including showcases - local and out of state. If you are athletic, hard-working individual that has an interest in becoming elite baseball player – we are your team! Private tryouts only – please contact Coach Tim Bower at 937-313-6078 or tim.bower@cardinalhealth.com to register for a private tryout.


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