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2016 Final Standings

Important Dates


League registration for the 2018 season is open. At this time new teams will be able to post try-outs by following the outline of try-out and emailing it to the league. We will post.  Teams with questions can contact the league for additional information. We are working at this time on a new website and are experiencing a delay. This new website will have advance features and communication tools for our teams and players. 


New Website will be open. League contract and coach admistration is open.

Players are able to be signed.

Try-Out postings available.


Final Call for Registration.  League Fees and Products increase 12-1-2017


League Team Meeting

League meeting for new and returning teams.


Time: Softball Informational Meeting: 5:00pm

 New Teams Baseball: 6:00pm

 Returning Teams: 7:00pm

Location: Cenetrville High School 

This an opportunity for coaches to meet the administration of the league and be informed on the upcoming season. 


Registration closes for for 2018 season for age group(s) 8,9,10,11,12,13 &14

All league fees and payments due. 

Age Groups 15 & 16-18 close April 1, 2018


Preliminary Age Group Assignments sent to coaches 


Last Day to Submit Petitions for Dvisional Assignments 


Appeals for Divisional Assignments (if any)


Final Divisional and Regional Splits Sent to Coaches.  


Coaches Contact Information and League Game Requirements sent to Coaches.  Scheduling is open. 


League Scheduling Meeting/Baseball Pick-Up

Location: Dayton Marriott

1414 S. Patterson Blvd

Dayton, Oh 45409


8 & 9U: 6-6:45pm

10&11U: 7-7:45pm 

12,12 & 14U: 8-8:45

Coaches need come prepared with field availbility and dates able to paly wth rain dates factored. 


League Requirements Due 


Opening Day


Dayton Dragons Night 

Age Gropus: 8,9, & 10 

Past Dates

7/11/2017 - 7/13/2017

End of Season Tournament

13 & 14 U


End of Season

13 & 14 U

7/3/2017 - 7/8/2017

Mandatory Make-up week for age groups 13 & 14. Teams are not to schedule any games during this time frame. Any regular league games not made up prior to end of season may result in league dictating make up date/locations.  So, please get games rescheduled and completed.


End of Sesaon Tournamentt

11 &12 U


Dayton Dragons Night / Awards

8, 9 & 10 U age groups


Mandatory Make-up week for 11 & 12U age groups.  Teams are not to schedule any games during this time frame. Any regular league games not made up prior to the end of season league will dictate date of make up during this time. 


11 & 12U End of Season Extended


End of Season for 8,9 & 10 U age groups.


8,9, & 10 U End of Season


League Requirements Due


Opening Day


League Scheduling Meeting/Baseball Pick-up

Location: Dayton Marriott

1414 S Patterson Blvd

Dayton, OH  45409


8 & 9U: 6-6:45pm

10 & 11U: 7-7:45pm

12,13 & 14U 8-8:45pm


Late/Final Registration and league fees due

15 % increase in league fees due to late registration


Final Age Group and Regional Splits now Available 


Last Day To Submit Petitions for Divisional Assignments 


Registration is now open for 2017 season.  


 End of Season 8,9 & 10


Last day to submit petitions for divisional assignments.

2/10 - 2/12

Appeals for divisional assignments (if any).


Opening Day


League requirements due.


Mandatory League Make-Up for 8,9,&10


Late/Final registration and payments due.

End of Season 13 &14

7/5 - 7/9

Mandatory Make - up week 13 & 14


Dayton Dragons Night Awards night for 8, 9 & 10

6/20 - 6/24

Mandatory Make-up week for 11 & 12


End of Season 11 & 12


Preliminary Age Group Assignments sent to coaches


Preliminary Divisional / Regional Assignments


Registration is now closed for the 2017 season for age group(s) 8,9,10,11,12,13 & 14

15 & 16-18 are able to register by contacting the league.  

Midwest Ohio Youth Sports Leagues ...."A Better Way to Play"

League News

2018 Team Registration now OPEN

Click HERE to register for the MOBL 2018 season. 


Midwest Ohio Softball League

 The Midwest Ohio Softball League will hold its inaugural season in the spring of 2018. In affiliation with the Midwest Ohio Baseball League, the Midwest Ohio Softball League was formed to serve the local youth looking for a more competitive environment.

The format of the organization will enable coaches to develop their players’ skills to prepare them for successful high school, and potentially, college competition. Thus, the format is designed to allow youth in the area the opportunity to play the highest appropriate level of competition available.

The league is broken into four age groups: 8 and under, 10 and under, 12 and under, and 14 and under. This allows our players to be pushed by competition to be the best they can. The league will continue to try to meet the needs of the coaches, players and parents who love baseball.

Membership is selective but may not be discriminatory. Anyone agreeing to these principles is welcome to apply for membership.

For more information please visit: www.MidwestOhioSoftballLeague.com or contact Wade Westfall, by phone 937-672-1260 or email@ wade8276@yahoo.com.

Midwest Ohio Baseball 2017 Year End Letter

Coaches and Parents:


The 2017 season has now come to end effective with August 31st when our contracts end for 2017.


The teams in the league played more than 10,000 games involving more than 3000 players.  We are proud to report that there were a very limited number of ejections and issues requiring significant administrative attention.


The vast majority of our players, coaches, and parents understand that the purpose of the League, and everything that is done, is for young people to learn about life and become better baseball players and better people.  This should drive all that we do within the League.


Contract Date for Midwest Ohio Baseball


We have a universal start date for our Midwest Ohio Baseball League contracts so that everyone is on the same schedule.  This prevents a team from trying to corner the market on players simply by having early tryouts and forcing players and parents into swift decisions without allowing other teams tryouts. 


The purpose of the universal start date is to eliminate or at least reduce the pressure on families to commit and commit now without the opportunity to see what else is out there.  This is the only method we know to reduce this pressure on families.  People should have the opportunity to go through the tryout process without feeling substantial pressure to sign on the dotted line.


Frankly, if families who commit to play for your team in July or August, cannot abide by that commitment for the next month or so, than they are not really committed to your team.


You may have whatever internal paperwork or agreements you want, but the league contract will be available for everyone on September 1.  These contracts are valid from September 1 to August 31st or the last day of the teams’ scheduled season, including any end of season tournaments or World Series events.


Bat Restriction Clarification for 2018:


USA Baseball has been the governing body for amateur baseball.  And until now, all associations, affiliations and leagues have followed their guidance and implemented their suggestions.  With the proposed bat rule changes effective 2018, many of us understood that the move was based on player safety. 
Thus, almost all organizations of all kinds, except USSSA, lined up initially to follow USA Baseball.

Since then we have learned that the move was NOT player safety related and there is a significant split among organizations regarding bat rules.

The Midwest Ohio Baseball League will allow both the USSSA, USA and BPF 1.15 bats whose markings are permanent and made by the manufacturer for league play in 2018.


Attached is a much more detailed bat regulations report which will be put into the League rules effective September 1, 2017.


Please review the attached carefully.  The challenge for teams, coaches, and parents will be to conform to the various bat rules at tournaments etc. until a unified position is taken.




We tried to move to a Sports Engine website, but after two months of working with them, it became obvious that their current platform, which is great for teams, was not able to be adjusted to be a coach driven platform.  We believe that having the process in the hands of coaches, rather than players and parents. 


We have offered to assist Sports Engine in producing a coach driven, league based platform by working together.  However, until they have a platform that allows all of the coach and league administrative functionality that we need, we will not be able to move forward with them.


Thank you to those who recommended Sports Engine.  They have a terrific team/organization platform but just could not adjust it to meet our needs.


We have revised and are in the process of updating the current Midwest Ohio Baseball website.


The website is up and running right now.


Returning teams may access the site with your logins and passwords from 2017.  New teams should click on the new team registration and complete it to gain access to the site.


Player contracts can now be sent to players.


All important dates are on the website or will be updated shortly.


We are in process of merging the pitching and bat rules into the total rules and working to make the wording on the rules more easily understandable.  Those changes will be updated, along with sections of the website, over the next few weeks.


The website will be operational throughout these updates.  Please check it regularly for information.


We look forward to a productive, fun and exciting 2018 season.


Wade Westfall, President

Gregg Beemer, Baseball Operations


REVISED Bat Restrictions EFFECTIVE SEPTEMBER 1, 2017: Updated for the 2018 Season

Coaches and Parents: 

We apologize for the confusion on this bat issue.  Obviously, it has been confusing for all Leagues, Tournaments, Affiliations, teams, players and parents.

The Midwest Ohio Baseball League has always supported the decisions coming out of USA Baseball as the governing body of all baseball in the USA.  It was our understanding that player safety was one of the primary reasons for the new USA bat restrictions.

And, while it is true that the USA bats will be “more wood-like”, and thus, less rebounding (and thus safer from a standpoint that a ball batted with same velocity will reach a pitcher more slowly with the new USA bat rather than the current 1.15 BPF, we have discovered that USA baseball has said that “safety is not the reason for the change.”

From the USA baseball website:

Is safety the reason for the change?
No. Youth baseball continues to be one of the safest of all sports for youth participants.


For the 2018 Midwest Ohio Baseball Season:    

· Bats  The Official Bat shall be round in cross section of the barrel and taper, straight in length and measure not more than 34 inches long, including tape or other grip additions to the bat, shall have a knob at the end of its handle, and not more than 2 1/4 inches in diameter for small barrel bats and not more than 2 and ¾ inches for big barrel bats at its largest part. Its weight shall not exceed 31ounces, including tape or grip addition to the bat. The bat shall have a grip of tape or some other material to facilitate holding the bat during the batters swing (not mandatory on wooden bats). All key graphics, including USSSA and BPF 1.15 markings, must be permanent and cannot be applied as decals or by any other method that would allow the key graphics to be easily removed or added to the bat.  

· Material. THE BAT may be made of hard wood of one piece, or laminated from sections of hard wood bonded together with adhesive in such a way that the grain directions of all the pieces are essentially parallel to the length of the bat. THE BAT may also be made of aluminum or other metals, fiberglass, graphite or composite materials.

For 15-18u only BBCOR certified for NFHS use, wood composite which is BBCOR certified or one piece wood bats will be legal for 2012 and beyond. 

For 14 and Under:  There will be no changes except to allow the USA Bats in addition to those with the 1.15BPF or USSSA bats with permanent markings made by the manufacturer.

The Midwest Ohio Baseball League will allow both the new USA, USSSA and the 1.15 BPF bats with permanent markings made by the manufacturer for 2018.

· 14u AND BELOW, for Midwest Ohio Baseball League play, there will be no mandatory bat drop AS LONG AS THE BAT HAS THE USA, USSSA OR BPF 1.15 PERMANENT MARKINGS FROM THE MANUAFACTURER.  It is strongly suggested, but is not mandatory, in order to assist players in making the jump to -3 BBCOR at 15 and above, to encourage those players capable of swinging -5 or -8 to do so at 13-14u. 

· 14U AND BELOW, For Midwest Ohio Baseball League play, A BIG BARREL BAT (no more than 2¾ inches diameter and no more than 34 inches in length) MUST HAVE THE NEW USA, USSSA or BPF 1.15 MARK ON ITS TAPER, OR (“USA, USSSA and BPF 1.15 marks and other graphics of the bat must be applied permanently and must be applied by the manufacturer. No stickers or decals are allowed and no one may add graphics to a bat once manufactured. Use of a bat with graphics not applied by the manufacturer will be use of an altered bat and subject to suspension under the National Federation and USSSA Altered Bat rules.

These are our league rules effective for the 2018 season.
Bottom line Considerations:

1.     Some tournaments will have their own rules so check with them before you enter. 

2.     IF you are considering purchasing a bat today, which you intend to use for multiple years, we do not have very reliable information for you.  The safest bet would be to go with the USA model but until we get a unified stance on bat rules, we will not be able to advise you with any certainty.

3.     Bats are not to be tampered with by rolling or otherwise altering them.  There is a complete article on the website about rolling bats.

We wish that there was total agreement among all affiliations on this issue as that would simplify all of our lives.

For the 2019 Midwest Ohio Baseball Season:    

Unless, and until, there are substantive changes, such as a unified bat rule position, we will likely leave the 2018 rules in place.  We reserve the right to modify league rules as the future positions regarding bat change. 

We apologize for this revision, but we believe that since there is no safety issue, there is no reason to complicate our teams, players, parents and coaches lives while increasing (potentially) there costs to play by requiring a new bat this year.

Wade Westfall, President

Gregg Beemer, Baseball Operations

Lets Be Social!

When was the last time you told your child, "I love watching you play"? As the Spring season kicks off, we would like to challenge all youth sport parents to watch this video. Also, we know that the majority of you are on your phones when reading this email so hop on over and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and coming soon... Instagram. We look forward to interacting with everyone this season! 


Miracle League Field Closer to Reality

In case you haven't read Nancy Bowman's Dayton Daily News article about the Mircacle League, you can check out this great cause by clicking here.

The Miracle League of the Miami Valley can be contacted via Facebook at www.facebook.com/miracleleagueofthemiamivalley.

National Miracle League information is available online at www.miracleleague.com.

Ohio Concussion Certification

Ohio Concussion Certification Link:




All coaches must take the video course, then provide their certificate for upload to your MOBL account. Thanks!

Fraudulent Raffle

We have recently become aware that someone is fraudulently selling raffle tickets for a Harley using the name of Midwest Ohio Baseball.  This is NOT a league sponsored raffle.  We are working with law enforcement to apprehend the responsible party.  If you have bought any of these tickets, or have any information please contact Wade Westfall via email at: wade8276@yahoo.com.


Thank you.

Rolling Bats

Coaches, Parents and Players:

I am appalled that we even have to address this issue.
However, it has come to our attention that some teams/parents may be rolling bats.  Rolling bats is a process designed to artificially "break-in" bats in the hopes of improving he spring off of the bat.  IT may or may not include shaving the bat or attaching items inside the bat to help the trampoline effect.  
First, this process is illegal in the Midwest Ohio Baseball League.  Any parents, coaches or teams who are caught doing this will be dealt with very severely.  The League rules revert to NFHS rules where there is not specific rules on a topic such as bat rolling.  We will now clearly update the specific rules to address this issue which has not been a problem in past years.
Secondly, coaches, your insurance protection may very well be compromised in the event that a rolled bat is used in an incident which causes damage to a player.  You are taking on significant personal liability if you knowingly allow a player to use an altered bat.
Third, rolling bats will likely void your warranty with the manufacturers.
Below is an article that clearly lays out the high school rules which are also the Midwest Ohio Baseball rules on this issue.
IF you are using rolled bats, stop immediately.
Wade Westfall
Gregg Beemer
Baseball Operations

Answers to Common Questions about the League

Recently, Midwest Ohio Baseball performed an extensive telephone survey in order to get your feedback regarding the past season.  We thank the coaches for the very positive responses.  Over the past 10 years, both amateur baseball and Midwest Ohio Baseball League have made significant changes.  Click HERE to see the answers to common questions about the league. 

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