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2017 Final Standings

Important Dates


End of Season for 8, 9 & 10 U 


End of Season 11 & 12 U


End of Season 13 & 14 U 

July 10,11 &12 2018

End of Season Tournament 13 & 14 U


Dayton Dragons Night 

Age Gropus: 8,9, & 10 

June 26,27,28 2018

End of Season Tournament 11 & 12U

Past Dates


Opening Day


League Requirements Due. All coach administration should be completed at this time. Insurance, birth certificates, coach background checks, player/parent contracts should be uploaded.  Any questions contact league. 



League Scheduling Meeting/Baseball Pick-Up

Location: Dayton Marriott

1414 S. Patterson Blvd

Dayton, Oh 45409


8 & 9U: 6-6:45pm

10&11U: 7-7:45pm 

12,13 & 14U: 8-8:45

Coaches need come prepared with field availability and dates able to play with rain dates factored. 


Coaches Contact Information and League Game Requirements sent to Coaches.  Scheduling is open. 


Final Divisional and Regional Splits Sent to Coaches.  


Appeals for Divisional Assignments (if any)


Last Day to Submit Petitions for Dvisional Assignments 


Preliminary Age Group Assignments have been sent to coaches for review. 


Registration closes for for 2018 season for age group(s) 8,9,10,11,12,13 &14

All league fees and payments due. 

Age Groups 15 & 16-18 close April 1, 2018

Midwest Ohio Youth Sports Leagues ...."A Better Way to Play"

League News

Year End Tournaments

Year End Tournament Schedules:

11 & 12u

13 & 14u


Dayton Dragons Night

Our up coming Dayton Dragons night is Thursday June 21st.  This is a part of our awards program for the league. This year the night is open to all teams in 8, 9 & 10-U age groups.
All 8, 9 & 10-U age group/divisional winners and runner ups receive up to 15 tickets from the league as part of your award for winning your division/regional split.
All teams are encouraged to attend the night.
No matter how your season ended up additional tickets can be purchased for players, coaches, families and fans at a cost of $10.00 per ticket for the lawn and a cost of $15.00 for seat. All tickets include a hat.    
Parents, family and fans are encouraged to join us. We have reserved multiple sections of the outfield and lawn tickets.

All games for age groups 8, 9, &10 have until midnight June 17th to get games in. Coaches that finish first or second in their division /regional split will be contacted Monday the 19th. Only league games completed the 17th will be considered for league standings and awards.

Start working on ticket request now do not wait until last minute.
Coaches, this is a sold out game and all additional ticket request is first come first serve. There will be no availability of tickets through the Dayton Dragons/Box Office prior to game. All tickets must be purchased through the MOBL.
Here is the procedure that we will follow to handle the tickets.
  1. Check with your team today and see how many player & coaches tickets you need. Place order ASAP. Remember only 1 & 2nd in each age group divisional/regional split receive tickets (up to 15) paid for by the league. Additional Team tickets each are $15.00 seat, $10 Lawn. Tickets include a Dragons Hat.
  2. Check with your parents and families on additional tickets.       Seats are $15.00 lawn tickets are $10.00. This includes a Dayton Dragons hat with each ticket.
  3. Collect your money.
  4. Once order is placed avoid changing order.
  5. Email me at wade8276@yahoo.com with team name, age group, head coaches name and amount of tickets needed.
  6. I will call/email you to confirm order.
  7. Thursday night the 21st between 5:00-5:50 pm head coach (or team rep) will bring exact amount of money in the form of CASH or ONE CHECK. Checks made out to Midwest Ohio Baseball or MWOB (Cash is preferred) location for pick up will be in front of the main box office/corporate offices in the plaza. There will be no changes of orders at the game. Tickets must be picked up that night prior to 5:50pm. Tickets may be picked up at my home any time prior to the 20th.
  8. Gates open at 6 and game starts at 7.
  9. Line up for on Field parade in center field Dragons lair area at 6:15.
  10. Awards for age group /divisional/regional 1st & 2nd place winners only will be passed out after parade.
If you are a league/divisional/regional winner 1st or 2nd place your team will receive their league medals that night. Only 1st and 2ndplace League/divisional will be medaled. This will be the only pass out of awards. If you and your team are unable to attend please contact league for arrangements for pick up.
In addition to countless Dayton Dragons gifts such as posters, bobble heads, t-shirts and signed baseballs, three players will be chosen, one from each age group, to throw out the first pitch of the game. Kids will also be chosen to participate in the on-field skits, behind the scenes private tour of the Dayton Dragons facility and meet and greet with Dragons players. All teams will participate in a parade on the Dragons Field prior to start at the game. This year we are excited to announce that Ron Oester former Cincinnati Reds second baseman will be joining us as our special guest.
Coaches, I need your help to make this run smoothly. Needless to say, with over 1,400 people attending the event this is a huge night and a great deal of enjoyment for the kids, families and the league. So please get your order in ASAP. Any questions please feel free to email me at wade8276@yahoo.com or call a 937-672-1260.

8-9-10-u Extension of Season until 6/17


We know it has been a difficult, cold and rainy spring thus far.  Our ability to extend the season is limited by our Dayton Dragons award celebration.  This celebration is one of our favorite nights of the Midwest Ohio baseball season.  In working with the Dragons, there are limited dates we can have our celebration and that date must be set in the winter.  The date is extremely difficult to move.  Additionally, many teams end their season shortly after the end of June so extending adds stress to family vacation plans etc.
How the Dayton Dragons award night works.  Within each geographic division, within each age group the top 2 teams (if only 1 geographic division the top 2; if 2 like N/S than the top 2 in each for total of 4) earn paid tickets to the Dayton Dragons award Celebration (15 for players & coaches only).  Additionally, we open it up to ALL teams (where they pay for those tickets).  All of the players and coaches take a celebratory walk on the warning track at Fifth Third Field; players throw out first pitches; dozens of hats, shirts and other items are given away, and teams will receive their medals for 1st or 2nd standings.  Additional tickets for family, friends and fans can be ordered.  It is a great night !
Coordinating the 1500 plus people, tickets etc. is a difficult task.  Ticket orders must be placed with Wade by June 15th at the latest in order to allow us to get this done.  TICKET INFORMATION WILL COME IN ANOTHER EMAIL. Remember this is a sell out event and additional tickets are on a first come first serve bases. 
In order to extend the season at all, we are counting on teams in contention (and all other teams wishing to attend) to order their tickets by June 15th or as directed by Wade.  
We can wait to determine which teams win the free tickets awards as long as all tickets are ordered and all teams agree to attend and purchase them regardless of the final outcome of the standings.
With all this information we have decided to extend the season for 8-9-10u ONLY until 10 pm June 17, 2018.
Thank you.

Revised Bat Restrictions


It is disappointing for all of us to deliver this news. But, based on testing, the bats listed below have been deemed to exceed the performance standards and are disallowed in Midwest Ohio Baseball League play.

The bat companies, in conjunction with USSSA and/or USA Baseball, submit all bats for performance testing. Any bats that exceed those performance standards (and thus, are considered potentially dangerous) and then considered disallowed or illegal bats.
According to the official notice from USA Baseball, "official compliance testing determined that the Ghost X 30/20 exceeds the performance limit set by the USABat Standard. Per the USA Baseball Youth Bat Performance Test

USSSA has completed a round of BPF testing at the USSSA approved lab. The 2018 DeMarini CF Zen CBZ 2 ¾" -10 model bat, 28", 29" and 30" will be disallowed for play immediately. The 28" bat at has been placed on the USSSA Disallowed List. While the 29" and 30" bats have been provisionally placed to the USSSA Disallowed List, subject to further consideration. Based on this testing, the entire 2018 DeMarini CF Zen CBZ 2 ¾" -10 model bat is currently disallowed for USSSA Play.

Further, as a result of the Easton Ghost X, 30" -10 USA Baseball bat (LL18GHX 30/20 Japan model & YBB18GX10 30/20) being decertified by USA Baseball, USSSA has disallowed those bats. Those bats are therefore not permitted in USSSA Play effective immediately.

For any family that is impacted by USA Baseball's decertification of the Easton Ghost X 30/20 5/8, we strongly urge you to read Easton's release, which includes information about how to return your bat to receive a $500 voucher for Easton.com.
DeMarini released more information, including information regarding exchange/return policies and procedures yesterday. Please go to the DeMarini website for further information: http://www.demarini.com/en-us/2018-cf-zen-update.


REVISED Bat Restrictions EFFECTIVE SEPTEMBER 1, 2017: Updated for the 2018 Season
Coaches and Parents: 
We apologize for the confusion on this bat issue. Obviously, it has been confusing for all Leagues, Tournaments, Affiliations, teams, players and parents.
The Midwest Ohio Baseball League has always supported the decisions coming out of USA Baseball as the governing body of all baseball in the USA. It was our understanding that player safety was one of the primary reasons for the new USA bat restrictions.
And, while it is true that the USA bats will be "more wood-like", and thus, less rebounding (and thus safer from a standpoint that a ball batted with same velocity will reach a pitcher more slowly with the new USA bat rather than the current 1.15 BPF, we have discovered that USA baseball has said that "safety is not the reason for the change."
From the USA baseball website:
Is safety the reason for the change?
No. Youth baseball continues to be one of the safest of all sports for youth participants.
For the 2018 Midwest Ohio Baseball Season:    
  • Bats - The Official Bat shall be round in cross section of the barrel and taper, straight in length and measure not more than 34 inches long, including tape or other grip additions to the bat, shall have a knob at the end of its handle, and not more than 2- 1/4 inches in diameter for small barrel bats and not more than 2 and ¾ inches for big barrel bats at its largest part. Its weight shall not exceed 31-ounces, including tape or grip addition to the bat. The bat shall have a grip of tape or some other material to facilitate holding the bat during the batter's swing (not mandatory on wooden bats). All key graphics, including USSSA and BPF 1.15 markings, must be permanent and cannot be applied as decals or by any other method that would allow the key graphics to be easily removed or added to the bat.  
  • Material. THE BAT may be made of hard wood of one piece, or laminated from sections of hard wood bonded together with adhesive in such a way that the grain directions of all the pieces are essentially parallel to the length of the bat. THE BAT may also be made of aluminum or other metals, fiberglass, graphite or composite materials.
For 15-18u only BBCOR certified for NFHS use, wood composite which is BBCOR certified or one piece wood bats will be legal for 2012 and beyond. 
For 14 and Under: There will be no changes except to allow the USA Bats in addition to those with the 1.15BPF or USSSA bats with permanent markings made by the manufacturer.
The Midwest Ohio Baseball League will allow both the new USA, USSSA and the 1.15 BPF bats with permanent markings made by the manufacturer for 2018.
  • 14u AND BELOW, for Midwest Ohio Baseball League play, there will be no mandatory bat drop AS LONG AS THE BAT HAS THE USA, USSSA OR BPF 1.15 PERMANENT MARKINGS FROM THE MANUAFACTURER. It is strongly suggested, but is not mandatory, in order to assist players in making the jump to -3 BBCOR at 15 and above, to encourage those players capable of swinging -5 or -8 to do so at 13-14u.
  • 14U AND BELOW, For Midwest Ohio Baseball League play, A BIG BARREL BAT (no more than 2¾ inches diameter and no more than 34 inches in length) MUST HAVE THE NEW USA, USSSA or BPF 1.15 MARK ON ITS TAPER, OR ("USA, USSSA and BPF 1.15 marks and other graphics of the bat must be applied permanently and must be applied by the manufacturer. No stickers or decals are allowed and no one may add graphics to a bat once manufactured. Use of a bat with graphics not applied by the manufacturer will be use of an altered bat and subject to suspension under the National Federation and USSSA Altered Bat rules.
These are our league rules effective for the 2018 season.
Bottom line Considerations:
  1. Some tournaments will have their own rules so check with them before you enter. 
  2. IF you are considering purchasing a bat today, which you intend to use for multiple years, we do not have very reliable information for you. The safest bet would be to go with the USA model but until we get a unified stance on bat rules, we will not be able to advise you with any certainty.
  3. Bats are not to be tampered with by rolling or otherwise altering them. There is a complete article on the website about rolling bats.
We wish that there was total agreement among all affiliations on this issue as that would simplify all of our lives.
For the 2019 Midwest Ohio Baseball Season:    
Unless, and until, there are substantive changes, such as a unified bat rule position, we will likely leave the 2018 rules in place. We reserve the right to modify league rules as the future positions regarding bat change.
We apologize for this revision, but we believe that since there is no safety issue, there is no reason to complicate our teams, players, parents and coaches lives while increasing (potentially) there costs to play by requiring a new bat this year.
Wade Westfall, President
Gregg Beemer, Baseball Operations



We all know it has been a difficult early spring. We are looking at options and impacts of extending the season. We expect to announce something May 1st.
In the meantime here are some ideas to help:
1.  If you are playing league teams in tournaments those games can be counted as league games if both teams agree.  Many tournament directors will put teams in pools to arrange this if you ask.
2.  If both teams agree, you could play 2 5 inning games as a DH in order to get in games.
These are two ideas to help in this difficult season.



The league has been in existence (as Midwest Ohio and Dayton Metro) since 1989 without any actual written rule regarding "too cold to play".  
With temps in the 30's & wind chill making in the 20's, please remember, that your first duty is for the physical care of your players.  
Additionally, we need to understand the long term potential impact of kids playing in that kind of weather, hitting a pitch poorly and getting a stinger, potential arm damage...kids will not really think that playing in those conditions is fun.
Also, playing in extreme conditions puts bats at risk.  I believe that none of you want to answer the question about who is paying for that $300 bat that just shattered?
We cannot legislate everything, espcecially in view of the wide range of locations our teams play, the various times teams would have to make a decision on play/no play, whose thermometer do you use......
Please use common sense to get us thru this unusual spring cold spell.  

2018 Season Opening Day Letter


Welcome to the 2018 season. It is difficult to see through todays' snow how many games will be played on this opening weekend of the Midwest Ohio Baseball season. Please stay in touch with the opposing team, as well as the umpires, regarding any weather-related delays etc. Recognize that many times umpires have multiple games scheduled on a weekend and you cannot automatically assume that they can umpire your game if start times need to be pushed back.

Please enjoy the Opening Day and remember it is always about kids playing baseball.



Your team MUST be insured. Your team's insurance certificate must be uploaded to your coach administration system under insurance on the website if you did not purchase through the league. If you did, the certificate should be already uploaded.

Every player on your roster must have returned their signed electronic contract. Each players' birth certificate must be uploaded to the website. Each of your coaches must have returned their signed electronic contract. Each and every coach must have their own concession certificate uploaded to the website.... this is a State of Ohio Law. You should print your concussion certificate as there is no direct connection to send it to MWOB. It must be printed and uploaded.

The medical release forms are for you to keep. You should have them with you at all times the team is together: practices, games, meetings.... anytime. We once had a kid have to go to the hospital for falling down the stairs at a meeting.... thankfully they had the medical release and he could be treated.

There are on-line tutorials to help with each section.

Your team is not legal until every box is green.

It is important to note especially that playing games without player contracts and coaches contracts means that those individuals are NOT covered by any insurance issued through the Midwest Ohio Baseball League and thus, any potential liability etc. could fall on the head coach. Please do not play games without having these items completed for your own benefit as well as the league. Obviously, games played without completion of these requirements will be considered forfeits.

Other items to remember:

ONE RULE CHANGE: For ages 8-11, there is a 2 hour and 15-minute time limit for the 2018 season. No new inning may start after 2 hour 15 minutes. Innings started prior to the time limit may be completed. Be aware that some fields may also impose their own separate time limits which must be adhered too.

Lindsay's Law: We are sending more information about Lindsay's Law separately. This is important information for coaches and parents alike. This information and sign off was a part of the coaches and parents/players contracts. Please read and adhere to all other requirements for Lindsay's Law.



1. Catchers must wear the hockey type mask and helmet combo.

2. Umpires are to be paid at the Pre-Game Plate meeting. Each team should split the umpire cost at each game to assure that umpire cost is split fairly. Some organizations are beginning to use an on-line Ref-pay system in coordination with the umpire schedulers. This will also count as the teams paying the umpire at the plate. Those teams will tell you that is how the umpires are being paid from them and the umpires should also be aware of it. Umpires are to be paid: $40 (8u); $55 9-11u 6 innings single umpire); $60 (12u 7 innings single umpire); $55 per umpire minimum 2 per game for $110 total (13-14u two umpires).

3. IF you are using the Umpire Scheduler, all your umpires are Approved Umpires. All Ohio High School certified umpires are approved and do not have to go through any approval process. However, if you are not using either Jim Heatherly or Bob Juliano to schedule your games, and are not using Ohio High School certified umpires, you must have your umpires approved prior to the 2018 season. Send an email to: bobjuliano@dayton.net with the contact information for your umpires (or an umpire scheduler) and Bob will check them and put them on the approved list. IF they are NOT on the approved list they ARE NOT APPROVED. Use of unapproved umpires may result in forfeits or other sanctions from the League.

4. League games are ALL games indicated through the letter/email outlining the geographical divisions where the League told you how many games to play. Those dictated games are ALL League games. ALL OTHER GAMES ARE NON-LEAGUE GAMES. Only League games are counted for League standings, end of season tournament and Dayton Dragons game attendance. IF you are playing both League and Non-League games, simply determine and agree in WRITING which game will be your league game. Absent any emails or other written confirmation of an agreement, the first game played (or the first two if two are required for League play) will be considered the League game. Please communicate clearly on this issue.

5. In the event of an ejection, BOTH teams are to report it via email.

6. The time to add players to your roster has been extended to June 15th to assist in completing the season.

7. There is an entire standalone outline of the pitch count rules but for clarification purposes a "Day of Rest" is defined this way: A day of rest is a full calendar day and not a 24-hour window. Therefore, if a player pitches a noon game on a Saturday and is subject to two days' rest, then his required days of rest are Sunday and Monday and he is eligible to pitch again on Tuesday. Many times we are asked if he can rest 48 hours and pitch again on Monday evening (effectively 52-56 hours of rest). This DOES NOT satisfy his rest.
PLEASE READ CAREFULLY:  In a previous email we erroneously reported that pitch counts applied to both league and non-league games.  Pitch counts apply only to League games. Pitch counts do not apply to tournaments or non-League games even if these non-League games involve two MWOB teams.  However, we strongly encourage both parents and coaches to adhere to the pitch counts as much as possible.

8. Please have your scorekeepers coordinate about pitch counts each inning and after the game so they are kept correctly and everyone stays in agreement throughout the game.

9. Review the frequently asked questions and rules to help you understand both the rules and the intent of the rules.

10. Remember that the entire purpose of the league is for kids to play baseball. Always keep the kids in the forefront of your thoughts and decisions and everything will go well.

Good luck this season.

Wade H. Westfall

Youth Baseball Day


Dayton Flyers Baseball is proud to be hosting 3 special Youth Baseball Days this upcoming season. Each of these days will provide opportunities for the teams to interact with the Flyers Baseball squad along with our Coaches. 

Saturday, March 31st at 1 PM vs. George Washington 
After the game, we will have a meet and greet session with the team. You will be able to get autographs and pictures with your favorite players! 
Saturday, April 21st at 1 PM vs. St. Bonaventure 
After the game, you will be able to go onto the outfield and play catch with your team! We will also have an opportunity for autographs and pictures with the players. 
Saturday, May 12th at 1 PM vs. Rhode Island 
After the game, the players and coaches will host a FREE, 30 minute clinic for all the Youth Baseball Players in attendance. This is an awesome opportunity to interact and learn from Division I Baseball Coaches and Players! 
If you are interested in bringing your team out to ONE or ALL of the Youth Baseball Days, please email Ryan Phillips at phillipsr4@udayton.edu for more details. 



Lets Be Social!

When was the last time you told your child, "I love watching you play"? As the Spring season kicks off, we would like to challenge all youth sport parents to watch this video. Also, we know that the majority of you are on your phones when reading this email so hop on over and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We look forward to interacting with everyone this season! 


Birth Certificate Transfers

Due to technical circumstances out of our control, birth certificates will not be transferred from the 2017 season upon registration. Returning coaches will need to upload the birth certificate of each player to the coach management system in your MOBL account. Transfers will resume for the 2019 season. Please contact Help@MidwestOhioBaseball.com with questions.

Ohio Concussion Certification

Ohio Concussion Certification Link:




All coaches must take the video course, then provide their certificate for upload to your MOBL account. Thanks!

Midwest Ohio Baseball 2017 Year End Letter

Coaches and Parents:


The 2017 season has now come to end effective with August 31st when our contracts end for 2017.


The teams in the league played more than 10,000 games involving more than 3000 players.  We are proud to report that there were a very limited number of ejections and issues requiring significant administrative attention.


The vast majority of our players, coaches, and parents understand that the purpose of the League, and everything that is done, is for young people to learn about life and become better baseball players and better people.  This should drive all that we do within the League.


Contract Date for Midwest Ohio Baseball


We have a universal start date for our Midwest Ohio Baseball League contracts so that everyone is on the same schedule.  This prevents a team from trying to corner the market on players simply by having early tryouts and forcing players and parents into swift decisions without allowing other teams tryouts. 


The purpose of the universal start date is to eliminate or at least reduce the pressure on families to commit and commit now without the opportunity to see what else is out there.  This is the only method we know to reduce this pressure on families.  People should have the opportunity to go through the tryout process without feeling substantial pressure to sign on the dotted line.


Frankly, if families who commit to play for your team in July or August, cannot abide by that commitment for the next month or so, than they are not really committed to your team.


You may have whatever internal paperwork or agreements you want, but the league contract will be available for everyone on September 1.  These contracts are valid from September 1 to August 31st or the last day of the teams’ scheduled season, including any end of season tournaments or World Series events.


Bat Restriction Clarification for 2018:


USA Baseball has been the governing body for amateur baseball.  And until now, all associations, affiliations and leagues have followed their guidance and implemented their suggestions.  With the proposed bat rule changes effective 2018, many of us understood that the move was based on player safety. 
Thus, almost all organizations of all kinds, except USSSA, lined up initially to follow USA Baseball.

Since then we have learned that the move was NOT player safety related and there is a significant split among organizations regarding bat rules.

The Midwest Ohio Baseball League will allow both the USSSA, USA and BPF 1.15 bats whose markings are permanent and made by the manufacturer for league play in 2018.


Attached is a much more detailed bat regulations report which will be put into the League rules effective September 1, 2017.


Please review the attached carefully.  The challenge for teams, coaches, and parents will be to conform to the various bat rules at tournaments etc. until a unified position is taken.




We tried to move to a Sports Engine website, but after two months of working with them, it became obvious that their current platform, which is great for teams, was not able to be adjusted to be a coach driven platform.  We believe that having the process in the hands of coaches, rather than players and parents. 


We have offered to assist Sports Engine in producing a coach driven, league based platform by working together.  However, until they have a platform that allows all of the coach and league administrative functionality that we need, we will not be able to move forward with them.


Thank you to those who recommended Sports Engine.  They have a terrific team/organization platform but just could not adjust it to meet our needs.


We have revised and are in the process of updating the current Midwest Ohio Baseball website.


The website is up and running right now.


Returning teams may access the site with your logins and passwords from 2017.  New teams should click on the new team registration and complete it to gain access to the site.


Player contracts can now be sent to players.


All important dates are on the website or will be updated shortly.


We are in process of merging the pitching and bat rules into the total rules and working to make the wording on the rules more easily understandable.  Those changes will be updated, along with sections of the website, over the next few weeks.


The website will be operational throughout these updates.  Please check it regularly for information.


We look forward to a productive, fun and exciting 2018 season.


Wade Westfall, President

Gregg Beemer, Baseball Operations


Midwest Ohio Softball League

 The Midwest Ohio Softball League will hold its inaugural season in the spring of 2018. In affiliation with the Midwest Ohio Baseball League, the Midwest Ohio Softball League was formed to serve the local youth looking for a more competitive environment.

The format of the organization will enable coaches to develop their players’ skills to prepare them for successful high school, and potentially, college competition. Thus, the format is designed to allow youth in the area the opportunity to play the highest appropriate level of competition available.

The league is broken into four age groups: 8 and under, 10 and under, 12 and under, and 14 and under. This allows our players to be pushed by competition to be the best they can. The league will continue to try to meet the needs of the coaches, players and parents who love baseball.

Membership is selective but may not be discriminatory. Anyone agreeing to these principles is welcome to apply for membership.

For more information please visit: www.MidwestOhioSoftballLeague.com or contact Wade Westfall, by phone 937-672-1260 or email@ wade8276@yahoo.com.

League Meeting Information

 Click for PDF

Miracle League Field Closer to Reality

In case you haven't read Nancy Bowman's Dayton Daily News article about the Mircacle League, you can check out this great cause by clicking here.

The Miracle League of the Miami Valley can be contacted via Facebook at www.facebook.com/miracleleagueofthemiamivalley.

National Miracle League information is available online at www.miracleleague.com.

Fraudulent Raffle

We have recently become aware that someone is fraudulently selling raffle tickets for a Harley using the name of Midwest Ohio Baseball.  This is NOT a league sponsored raffle.  We are working with law enforcement to apprehend the responsible party.  If you have bought any of these tickets, or have any information please contact Wade Westfall via email at: wade8276@yahoo.com.


Thank you.

Answers to Common Questions about the League

Recently, Midwest Ohio Baseball performed an extensive telephone survey in order to get your feedback regarding the past season.  We thank the coaches for the very positive responses.  Over the past 10 years, both amateur baseball and Midwest Ohio Baseball League have made significant changes.  Click HERE to see the answers to common questions about the league. 

2018 Team Registration Closes January 31,2018


Click HERE to register for the MOBL 2018 season. 


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